Code of Ethics

Your Rights:

  • The survivors have the right to absolute integrity from the crematory staff. 
  • The survivors have the right to freedom of choice and a positive "can-do" attitude from our staff.
  • The survivors have the right to select from easy to understand packages that simplify the process.
  • The survivors have the right to view and select from a wide and value-priced variety of cremation merchandise that is utilized in the cremation process (a cremation container) and will subsequently contain the cremated remains (an urn). 
  • The survivors have the right to be advised of any policies and applicable legal requirements prior to finalizing the cremation arrangements and the Cremation Authorization Form. 
  • The survivors have the right to inspect the crematory at any time. Our “Open Door Policy” will allow you to view the crematory, White Dove Crematory, 659 East Greenwich Avenue, West Warwick, RI and learn about the manner with which we ensure that cremations are conducted responsibly and the cremated remains are handled carefully

Identification of the Deceased:

  • Recognizing that this process is irreversible, it is in the best interests of the survivors and the crematory to ensure the correct identity of the deceased person before the cremation process takes place. The identification may be done by anyone who represents their ability to do so.
  • If the deceased is not viewed in connection with a visitation or funeral, an identification of the un-embalmed body can be provided and must (by law) be for a very short time only.

 Rhode Island State law

  • Section 18.1 - The body of a deceased person shall not be cremated within 24 hours of death unless he/she dies of a contagious or infectious disease.
  • Proper Identification must take place before cremation of the deceased.
  • At a minimum the cremation chamber shall not reach less than 1650 degrees Fahrenheit during the cremation.
  • A corrugated cardboard cremation container will be used at a minimum for cremation.
  • Scattering must be done three nautical miles off the coastline.

  The Cremation Process:

  • Once all proper paperwork has been authorized the deceased is given an identification number. This number is issued on either a round or square stainless steel metal tag which will be used to track and identify who the deceased is throughout the cremation process and into the urn or devise being used for disposition.
  •  Prior to the start of cremation, the deceased will be in a suitable, leak proof, container. Only one person will be placed into the cremation at a time.
  • The cremated remains, consisting of bone fragments, will be diligently removed from the cremation chamber and processed into small fragments. Because the cremation chamber is lined with porous material, it is not always possible to remove small traces of the cremated remains.
  • The cremated remains are placed into an urn and returned to the authorized person and is typically taken home, buried, scattered or placed into a niche.


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